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DBG, you ever listen to the daily shoah? I think you'd like it    10/18/17  (4)
When did being a victim become the "cool" thing    10/18/17  (2)
Facebook "Me too." meme is helping me identify damaged BPD sluts    10/18/17  (86)
Jesus Campos found! Will appear on Ellen tomorrow (link)    10/18/17  (7)
The Girl Scouts are mad about the Boy Scouts stealing girls from them    10/18/17  (2)
Don't work out if you're a FUCKING WHITE MALE    10/18/17  (11)
Obama listlessly throwing Scott's Turf Builder on the family lawn    10/18/17  (3)
so "OperaSoprano" is a 36 y/o alcoholic shrew with a blown out twat?    10/18/17  (14)
Bros, I regret to inform you that WMTP took his own life tonight    10/18/17  (67)
Lance "Rachmiel" Nadal #tennis    10/18/17  (3)
Holy shit SPLC report mentions are greatbort!    10/18/17  (1)
PDDJ Went To Diwali Party At Co-Workers' Apt, Brought Home Dal Curry For Me    10/18/17  (7)
Obama quickly closing his browser late at night as Michelle comes down stairs    10/18/17  (13)
So Dems can flat out lie about what Trump said privately and MSM will publish    10/18/17  (1)
Real talk: all these stories from actresses are kinda hot    10/18/17  (1)
Hot Transgender Chick Wins Jeopardy Three Nights in a Row    10/18/17  (12)
Starting to think every boart "character" is flame community account hmmm    10/18/17  (1)
Obama hastily hiding his beer can at 7am as Michelle walks down stairs    10/18/17  (30)
Rob Reiner really regretting those sleepovers w/ Cory Haim right nao    10/18/17  (5)
XO Tennis Crew Uprising Against Tennis Boart Ghettoization Is 180 #tennis    10/18/17  (17)
really need lawman8 to tell me again how many alts some people have    10/18/17  (6)
NYC subway on weekday mornings = GC's BangBus    10/18/17  (31)
Made an Autoadmit Statue of David with Chilmata as my model    10/18/17  (1)
The racism on this board is out of control and sickening    10/18/17  (117)
Ironside Yelling At O/C That No WTF Titles Is Market #tennis    10/18/17  (4)
ITT: TRUMPTARDS defending Trump's comment to the Fallen Soldier's Widow    10/18/17  (30)
Hillary's Pastor: Hillary losing to Trump was like Jesus' crucifixion (link)    10/18/17  (43)
Which of these former Obama admin shrews wins in a fart-off?    10/18/17  (11)
Jesus Campos actually former MTV VJ Jesse Camp    10/18/17  (2)
Obama slipping quarters into Pizza Hut TMNT game. Michelle texts "where pizza at    10/18/17  (77)
76k shitlaw insurance defense 2400 billables minimum    10/18/17  (1)
REAL TALK: tOSU will destroy PEnn next week    10/18/17  (23)
Yo jcm    10/18/17  (1)
i think i am just gonna say fuck it throw caution to wind and move back home    10/18/17  (9)
THE N-WORD!    10/18/17  (3)
crazy how obeezy tp went from 5'6 ugly TTT grad to 6'2 "played college ball" HYS    10/18/17  (76)
I always thought House of Pain was saying, "I can't nigger down"    10/18/17  (2)
Michelle Obama to WH chef: "DAT TOO MANY LETTUCE!!"    10/18/17  (20)
Maxxed out Seated Leg Press x 5 (390 lbs) come at me faggots    10/18/17  (26)
Most ideologies are just a friendly mask for self interest and ethnic tribalism.    10/18/17  (1)
Prole tell: owning a MAGA hat    10/18/17  (13)
I am constipate and very pain but still believe    10/18/17  (1)
The life of Jim Kelly tp is a great cautionary tale of the dangers of GC    10/18/17  (100)
Friend's wife and high school sweetheart did the "me too" thing    10/18/17  (11)
Comey "Everyone left the room, then Mrs. Obama said to me 'Where pizza at?'"    10/18/17  (8)
at ihop (don't aks) listening to ls student wax poetic on child support    10/18/17  (1)
Caro Wozniacki w Bare Midriff Culturally Appropriating Thai Shit (PIC) #tennis    10/18/17  (3)
how does Jesus Campos going on Ellen support "Paddock was a Muslim" theory?    10/18/17  (1)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Silent Banned From BASEL #tennis    10/18/17  (4)
brother's wife cooks dinner for him every night at 5:30 PM. my lib parents MAF    10/18/17  (8)
petition to ban DBG's constant awful tennis spam on ARE law bort    10/18/17  (5)
/!\ McKayla Maroney reveals she was molested by US team doctor for 7 years /!\    10/18/17  (47)
my cousin is 34, balding, and unemployed forever. also 6'4 so women love him.    10/18/17  (1)
"I might stop by later...Maybe see you down there." - GROWLED the POWERINTROVERT    10/18/17  (6)
ASK ME HOW MY WEEKEND WAS FAGGOT, bellowed the POWERINTROVERT in the elevator    10/18/17  (6)
Do law firm partners use personal LLCs to write off their cars and shit?    10/18/17  (83)
SR here, with an AUDIO MESSAGE for you DISGUSTING RACISTS    10/18/17  (5)
your grandson will be half-Asian and go on a shooting spree in college (GC)    10/18/17  (2)
REMINDER: TMF is the ONLY poaster confirmed cucked by "me too" posting    10/18/17  (1)
Trump: "Where is Justice Dept at?" as Sessions slips quarters in TMNT machine    10/18/17  (6)
What's the difference between nyuug and a piece of sushi?    10/18/17  (106)
Any reason to watch the 90s show "Charmed"?    10/18/17  (3)
"Cherry Pie" blasting as I wash AssFaggot's Honda Civic while wearing a bikini.    10/18/17  (7)
Will someone be my mentor (serious)    10/18/17  (11)
"Mr. Elba, you may not have Daquan do a "guest verse" in your closing statement.    10/18/17  (5)
Peterman wiping his mouth after stepping out of Sweet Tooths Twisted Metal truck    10/18/17  (5)
Russians supporting Weinstein    10/18/17  (25)
We live in a sinister matriarchy    10/18/17  (1)
Black gf gave me two movie choices last night: Dark Tower or Wonder Woman    10/18/17  (1)
Trump comparing himself to Obama's 2008 campaign, LOL JUST LO-FUCKING-L!    10/18/17  (151)
Stop calling me Asian you fucking fags. I'm NOT    10/18/17  (9)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    10/18/17  (450)
lawman8 receiving his 24andme results back    10/18/17  (11)
Tip: #MeToo is white women begging men to protect their property    10/18/17  (1)
remember when Amazon had those one 180 user generated "lists"?    10/18/17  (1)
PROLE TELL: complain about Trump tweets    10/18/17  (6)
*looks at 1488-glasses on the table* "..."    10/18/17  (1)
Peterman, subsisting purely on Uki peasant protein for the duration of Holodomor    10/18/17  (4)
Just found out about Blink 1488 LOLOLOL    10/18/17  (18)
Standing at pool's edge. Luis, completing underwater lap, unaware of your presen    10/18/17  (10)
Trump: "Where is Justice Dept?" on Comey pre-drafting Clinton exoneration letter    10/18/17  (21)
"Aight ladies & gents it's SHOWTIME!" *Idris & co-counsel tumble into courtroom*    10/18/17  (19)
CBS earnings to up due to stronger than expect NFL ratings. Sorry Trumpkins    10/18/17  (1)
Is drinking coffee daily really going to give us strokes later in life?    10/18/17  (7)
This boart has really come down hard on agwwg.    10/18/17  (34)
***To those plotting to undermine the new leadership of MPM2017***    10/18/17  (26)
What are you all doing for your holiday cards this year    10/18/17  (5)
Let's just skip to the lawman vs watchman final for MPM    10/18/17  (5)
Dodgers/Nats fans, how scared AF are you of facing the Cubs in the postseason?    10/18/17  (26)
Whokebe go on gchat, it's Watchmen.    10/18/17  (4)
Retiring from xo due to the racist "boner police" anti-Irish character    10/18/17  (11)
POWERINTROVERT peeling u off from wider party, isolating u in 1 on 1 convo    10/18/17  (9)
"hey man want to hang out?" *powerintrovert reads, has reciepts on, ignores*    10/18/17  (8)
BPM did you buy a car? If so please don't ever drive it    10/18/17  (10)
Watchmen, cum to gchat    10/18/17  (4)
"Yeah, just not feeling it tonight. Probs staying in" txted POWERINTROVERT 2 gf    10/18/17  (3)
yo im prob gonna just chill here tonight, texted the POWERINTROVERT at 11PM    10/18/17  (7)
POWERINTROVERT forcing SISSYEXTROVERT to introduce self to others    10/18/17  (2)
*u try to open locked bathroom stall* *POWERINTROVERT growls, lunch in maw*    10/18/17  (3)
Life is so sad let's all just be nice to each other    10/18/17  (10)
"MY DOG IS SICK!!!" roared the powerintrovert    10/18/17  (5)
Time for another round of: "Rate this college volleyball player"    10/18/17  (75)
"My body, my choice!" she barked at the bloodied fetal remains on the table    10/18/17  (23)
'fuck your group dinner at a loud restaurant, faggot' barked the powerintrovert    10/18/17  (5)
"FUCK A BABY INTO ME!" Watchmen barked, cocking his gun    10/18/17  (10)
Trump is like a baby with a gun    10/18/17  (1)
Reminder, shitcons: people who've never lived in America are the real Americans.    10/18/17  (2)
But WHO will put the fries in your burrito? WHO will mow your lawn?    10/18/17  (5)
Kevin Spacey: the next Weinstein    10/18/17  (80)
mompoasters: how early in first trimester did you get morning sickness?    10/18/17  (8)
"Impregnate me!" Watchmen demanded, wrapping his ankles around me as I thrusted    10/18/17  (3)
Prole tell: Having a favorite local diner and ordering the "usual"    10/18/17  (182)
"Oh hey I like sam Hyde" "oh me 2" *fucks passionately* - me n boner police    10/18/17  (7)
XO mastermen, evaluate this amicus brief aginst Mismatch Theory    10/18/17  (8)
Idris Elba taking 1 suit and 15 Crown Royal bags to the dry cleaners    10/18/17  (16)
NYUUG? Yeah, hes hung. A chaebong hung.    10/18/17  (2)
Prole tell: Everything that does and does not exist.    10/18/17  (1)
Idris Elba getting the hook guy from the Apollo to yank a troublesome witness    10/18/17  (1)
Idris Elba shouting at the TV screen when video evidence is played for jury    10/18/17  (1)
prole tell: mispronouncing porsche    10/18/17  (1)
Reminder: the ocean is murderous and wants to kill you    10/18/17  (2)
Hawaii judge rules Winona Dollar Tree must let in all previously banned patrons    10/18/17  (2)
The fading, depressive nostalgia of country music that you should've danced to    10/18/17  (1)
Idris Elba: "Abjection! Straight up diss" Judge: "Sustained"    10/18/17  (7)
I have some seriously big flame planned for Winona Topix    10/18/17  (10)
It's hilarious how bad women are at sucking dick. 100% of men ate better.    10/18/17  (1)
petition to replace bloodacre with his hilarious facebook friend    10/18/17  (128)
When you lock arms in a circle of happiness remember to face inward emotionally    10/18/17  (1)
any other woke 1488 mischlings who date asian girls here?    10/18/17  (6)
Turns out this "Chapo" faggot is a pervy fag who lives with his parents lol    10/18/17  (16)
Idris Elba: "Ajection ya honuh. He say. Dat's jus what he say"    10/18/17  (113)
Idris Elba: "Move fo misstry, ya honuh. Dey missed dey try."    10/18/17  (51)
Idris Elba: "moshun da strike yah honuh. Dis nigga gone get hit"    10/18/17  (64)
Remember that backpacking trip through Europe you did at age 20? What a disaster    10/18/17  (97)
Mr. Elba, please stop describing your alibi witness as "featured" on this "track    10/18/17  (9)
"Hepatitis J?! What the fuck?!" -- Peterman to ER nurse.    10/18/17  (34)
*Idris Elba on CourtTv requiring subtitles*    10/18/17  (67)
I demand to be raped and brutalized    10/18/17  (9)
Idris closing statement: "Dis Woody Allen-lookin mothafucka tryna bullshit y'all    10/18/17  (70)
*hurriedly poasts "lol 1488 down with ZOG" before sundown on Friday*    10/18/17  (6)
Idris Elba filing patent application for "Nut Sack Wave Cap".    10/18/17  (4)
"Return of the Mack" playing as Idris Elba approaches on redirec    10/18/17  (81)
YOU DESERVE TO BE RAPED!    10/18/17  (3)
Idris Elba: "lemme get dat motion in lemonade"    10/18/17  (95)
The sky isn't falling: NFL ratings down only 1.5% through first 6 weeks    10/18/17  (8)

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